Error message on start up

  Doberman 15:20 09 Sep 04

Whenever I start my computer the following error message appears on my desktop...Could not locate INF file "D:\content\Win9x\WinME\resume.INF".
If I press OK it disappears and everything works normally. Obviously it is a bit annoying,any ideas about how to get rid of it?

  Baledor 15:56 09 Sep 04

autoexec.bat/config.sys files or even the startup folder of your PC. Something you have previously installed has not been cleared out correctly and is trying to load at start up.

Look for a line which includes the line you have type above and rem(ark) it out, if in the config.sys/autoexec.bat or delete it out of your startup.

If that fails go to Start - Run: type "msconfig" without the quotes and disable items and enable them as you restart your PC regularly, this should point you in the direction of the program that is causing the problem.

  Doberman 15:27 14 Sep 04

Thanks Baledor!

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