Error message on shutting down

  seventiesdolly 15:24 27 Jun 07

I received an error message when I shut down yesterday, something about 'XPCOMEventReceiver'?
Could anyone tell me what this is please?
Also, today i've noticed my cpu is 100% continually - I have 45 processes running. Thanks for any comments.

  birdface 15:56 27 Jun 07

In Task Manager what programs are using up the CPU.System Idle Process should be 90 odd %.

  xania 16:04 27 Jun 07

Is XPCOMEventReceiver a one=off opr does it happen all the time. If a one-off forget about. If a regular event, please provide the full report.

  postie24 16:32 27 Jun 07

Have a look in event viewer for any info about the problem

  seventiesdolly 18:40 27 Jun 07

Thanks for replies - what's event viewer?

  postie24 19:41 27 Jun 07

Right click my computer
Choose manage/event viewer/applications.
Look for any exclamation marks which indicates an error

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