error message problem

  kimtrnc 13:29 18 Feb 09

Since downloading and installing MS Net Framework 3 SP2 I constantly have an error message screen opening on the screen. It is titled "error login 0x10e0" and says "The operator or administrator has refused the request".
I am the only user on this computer.
Can anyone help, please?

  Graham. 13:58 18 Feb 09
  brundle 14:20 18 Feb 09

Don't follow the links to MS-Error, it pops up in 99% of responses to this problem and is the usual rip-off registry cleaner.

Try the suggestion by CJ7CJ at click here

  kimtrnc 14:21 18 Feb 09

The one that worked - so far - was 'C:\Windows\System32\rundll.exe'.Thankyou for your help - this has been driving me nuts for 2 days now. I have only been using computers since the VIC 20, so I can't be expected to know EVERYTHING. Will post if it copmes back. Thanks again

  kimtrnc 16:25 18 Feb 09

I'm afraid the error message came back again, and won't stop, however many times I delete run.dll!
Back to square one, as they used to say

  brundle 16:41 18 Feb 09

Don't know where you got the RunDLL tip from, it's a system file and as such probably immediately replaced by system file protection if it's deleted.

Did you try this from the link I posted?
You don't have to buy anything!!! [i.e: which is the only answer in the all web :( ]

1/ Just find in your computer the file WUDFHostl.exe (with a l at the end!).
2/ Kill the process tree in the task manager [right clic on the process and then "end process tree"]
3/ Delete the file previously found.

Hope it's help you.

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