Error message on booting PC.

  Peter Lanky 03 Jan 13

I am suddenly getting an error message every time I boot my PC which is

"Windows cannot find '9451116.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again".

The only change I have made since before this started is to install Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 over the 2012 version.

Anyone any experience of this?

  Diemmess 03 Jan 13

Google says this is datacollector.exe From a brief browse I'm by no means clear what this does.

Unless some worthy attribute is found I would treat it as a virus, perhaps start up in safe mode.

I assume this is a pop-up or advert and you can still load Windows?

  Peter Lanky 03 Jan 13

I also looked it up prior to posting and found the datacollector.exe reference, but no indication of what to do next. I have no file called this on my PC, and at the moment, there appears to be no issues with it, but if I keep getting the message every time I boot, then it will start to get really annoying.

  Secret-Squirrel 03 Jan 13

""Windows cannot find '9451116.exe'."

One should always be very suspicious of filenames that are a random string of letters and/or numbers. In your case, a Google search only shows one result for this file and the link points to this PC Advisor thread. The "datacollector.exe" result isn't relevant as 9451116 is simply the last part of the page's URL.

What I think has happened is that Kaspersky has incompletely removed some malware and Windows is still trying to load that missing file on startup. When Windows can't find it, you get that error message.

Start by opening MSconfig and looking through the "Startup" section. If you find a reference to 9451116.exe, untick it, apply your changes and reboot. Don't untick anything else unless you're sure of what you're doing.

  woodchip 03 Jan 13

Try this, Go to Start/Run type regedit press enter, Go to top left and click on the Computer icon so that search will start at the root. Now go to Edit/Find in the Top Menu type in the Box 9451116.exe press enter Delete what it finds, next press F3 to go to next if it finds it delete it and so on till you get to end of Regedit, Click back on Computer icon then close regedit

  Peter Lanky 03 Jan 13

Now sorted it. For some reason a programme launch had found it's way into my startup folder, hence causing the problem at each startup. Now deleted. there were no instances of the file in registry.

How the file got there is a mystery.

  lotvic 04 Jan 13

nattley, hmmm, I'm getting that 'potential spammer testing the waters' feeling...

  lotvic 09 Jan 13

nattley, lol you posted a useless post, namely: "Actually, I never experienced such an error. But, still I can help you in this." and your post was the day after the OP had already fixed the problem and was no longer in need of advice.


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