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  chris.hogg 14:47 05 Jun 08

When I print anything, before the printer starts I get the message: Microsoft Visual C++ - Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program:C:\WINDOWS\System32\rundll32.exe R6030 -CRT not initialised. Everything works fine, but it keeps happening. Please can anyone explain what to do about it, in simple vocab for a non-IT specialist??

  crosstrainer 15:27 05 Jun 08

I'll take an educated guess here that your printer's software monitor is not installed correctly....Not bad enough to stop it printing, but enough to cause a warning.

Would need to know make and model of printer and operating system to investigate further.

  chris.hogg 15:35 05 Jun 08

The printer is a Canon Pixma MP150 and I use Windows XP.

  crosstrainer 15:40 05 Jun 08

All the available software is available here:

click here

Download each package, and save to a sensible loaction.

Open control panel>add remove programmes.

uninstall ALL software related to the printer.

Switch off the printer and shut down the PC.

unplug the printer from the computer.

Re-boot, and install the driver packages and software you have installed (you may not need or want them all)

Follow the prompts and connect the printer when asked.

  chris.hogg 19:37 05 Jun 08

I tried to be clever, probably not a good idea. I reinstalled the software from the installation disc that came with the printer, but the same error message comes up. Will your suggestion be more effective? Sorry to sound like a doubting Thomas, I'm just a bit wary of downloading things off the Internet, especially if it's not necessary. Thank you for your help so far though!

  crosstrainer 06:20 06 Jun 08

Yes, the point being you are removing old or corrupt versions of the files and starting with new (updated) ones.

My way may seem tedious, but it is more effective.

  crosstrainer 06:21 06 Jun 08

The link is Canon's own 100% safe. I would never post anything that wasn't.

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