Error Message

  5starred 16:42 12 Feb 08

Just wonder if anyone can help me with a error message that appears everytime I log on to my pc.

The message is:

Error loading C:\WINDOWS|system32\nyfdsgup.dll

I have searched this forum, Microsoft support and various search engines but can't seem to find any information about it.

Any ideas??

  Technotiger 17:56 12 Feb 08

I suggest that you do a Search for nyfdsgup, including search all hidden files, then if found delete it, then reboot.

  5starred 18:05 12 Feb 08

Tried that but it doesn't find anything. Also tried a reboot, still no joy. Went into system 32 looked through this but can't find it in here.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Just trying another AVG scan see if that pulls anything up.

  5starred 18:10 12 Feb 08

Just rebooted again noticed that the message appears in a box titled RUNDLL and it also says The specified module could not be found.

  Diemmess 18:17 12 Feb 08

Run > regedit and "find" nyfdsgup.dll
What you do next is up to you, because deleting something in the registry is a one-way trip and could crash the whole system.

To avoid this back up the registry first or merely search patiently thorough the whole thing copying any clues as to what the odd file relates to.
If you find any references, post back here for advice.

(F3 will pass you from the first find to the next without doing anything to alter the registry, so that is relatively safe!)

  5starred 18:26 12 Feb 08

Ok will give it a try but as its my sister in laws laptop I don't think I'll delete anything as if it goes wrong I'll have to put it right.

Just done as suggested 11 items came up...

  Diemmess 18:36 12 Feb 08

Any clues in the relationship there?

The probability is that these instances can be deleted, but particularly bearing in mind a stoney silence if you wreck s-in-l's laptop, it might be wiser to waffle a bit!

She doesn't have a copy of Acronis lying about does she?

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