Error Message

  muffin1947 15:59 19 Dec 07

I have just started getting the following error message and am not sure how to resolve it....

Internet Explorer Script Error
An error has occured in the script on this page.

Line 55

Error:object Expected

Does any one know how to solve it and get rid of it.

  PO79 16:05 19 Dec 07

In IE go to Tools\IE Options\Advanced and place a tick in "Disable Script Debigging Internet Explorer"

  muffin1947 17:20 19 Dec 07

Hi PO79....That box was already ticked thanks anyway

  mrwoowoo 17:23 19 Dec 07

as above but untick"display a notification about every script error"

  muffin1947 17:57 19 Dec 07

Thanks mrwoowooo Ihad unticked that box just before I got your response but nothing changed.Thanks anyway

  mrwoowoo 18:07 19 Dec 07

is it on all sites or just a certain one?

  muffin1947 18:27 19 Dec 07

mrwoowooo...It seems to only affect web site .uk.I am trying to buy a USB lead to connect my PC to my mobile and was told by Samsung that Mobilefun stocked them.I emailed Mobilefun and when they replied they included three links one for any questions which I tried to use and got the error message 55 and the other link was a customer service link and I get another error which is number 145.I do not appear to get it with any other site although I may at a later date.Does this help.

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