Error Message

  sheps 19:22 17 Dec 03

When my Pc has loaded all the desktop is displayed and then this message is displayed: It shows a red circle with a white X going through then is says THE SYSTEM CANNOT FIND THE FILE SPECIFIED. Any idea's???? Cheers

  MAJ 19:29 17 Dec 03

Looks like it's trying to start a file that no-longer exists or has been moved. Checkout msconfig and your startup folder to see what it might be. Another idea might be to run "Adaware" and "Spybot Search and Destroy" to see if there's any spyware on your PC, also do a virus check with an up to date scanner.

  MAJ 19:30 17 Dec 03

P.S. Which operating system are you using?

  MAJ 19:49 17 Dec 03

"Hi ya Maj,
I am operating windows ME, I have just recently done a Norton antivirus scan, and it came back with no virus, no errors, can you tell me how to do the exercise you just mentions PLEASE..
cheers Sheps"

Hi Sheps, it's best if you keep the thread updated rather than emailing, that way everyone knows what's going on, what's been tried and what does and doesn't work.

To checkout msconfig, go to Start > Run, type in "msconfig", click OK and go to the Startup tab. Take a look at the stuff that's loading at startup and see if you recognise anything that you have uninstalled, or is no longer on your computer. If you're having trouble recognising what's in there, post a list of the startup programmes in this thread to see if anyone can spot anything.

Also do a search for the "Startup" folder on your hard drive, see what's starting in there.

Just another thought, do a search for the Config.sys file and the Autoexec.bat file on your hard drive. When you find them right-click them and rename them to oldConfig.sys and oldAutoexec.bat, respectively. Then reboot your PC, see if that cures the problem, if it doesn't you can rename the two files back to normal.

  sheps 21:19 17 Dec 03

list of the startup programmes: Taskbar, Msnmsgr,ezmmod,scanregistry,task monitor,pchealth,systemtray,countryselection,pctvoice,quick time task,internat.exe,wcmdmgr,ETraffic,REGSHAVE,Loadqm,DM_server, startup,Realtray,LoadPowerProfile,NavAgent,ScriptBlocking,SAgent2exepath,LoadPowerProfile,Scheduling Agent,*Statemgr,Microsoft office startup,Umax vista access,Aol Companion. ANY Ideas?????

  MAJ 21:24 17 Dec 03

At first glance, I would untick "ETraffic", click Apply and OK, sheps, reboot and see if that helps.

  MAJ 21:28 17 Dec 03

Do you have a Fuji camera, sheps?

  sheps 21:30 17 Dec 03

yes i do have a fuji camera, why is that?

  MAJ 21:38 17 Dec 03

I'm just looking through your startup programmes, sheps, I didn't know what REGSHAVE was but it seems it's related to a Fuji camera, that's why I asked if you had one.

  MAJ 21:48 17 Dec 03

also untick "ezmmod", "Loadqm" and "wcmdmgr", sheps. DM_server also looks a bit iffy.

  sheps 21:52 17 Dec 03

once i've unticked them should i restart?

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