Error mesages on start up

  zeppman 12 Aug 11

I'm getting about 10 of these I'll just put few examples.(I'll use a H instead of a square as I cant find it)

1st example

Windows cannot find 'HH'.make sure you type the name correctly,and try again.To search for a file,click the start button,and click search.

2nd example

Desktop Could notload or run 'HHH>HHHH Y HHHH > HHHHHH'.make sure youtyped the name correctly,and thentry again,To searchfor a file,click the start button,and then click search

I have not tried to search for anything?

I click OK and I get another window with a similar message.

Not sure If this is linked but I have an updated for Microsoft.Net Framework 2.0 SP2on windows server2003 and windows XP x86 (KB2539631) 1 of 1 This installs then the update comes back again (yellow shield) to get me to install again so I dont think It has actually installed.

  gengiscant 12 Aug 11

Could you post a screen-shot of the error messages? Will make it a bit easier to understand your post.

  johndrew 12 Aug 11

There are two things I can think of that may help.

  1. Go to the 'Event Viewer/System' (Control Panel/Administrative Tools) and look at the results there. You may find an error message that tells you what has gone wrong and why.
  2. Microsoft.Net Framework is particularly good at becoming corrupt in my experience, so if you go to 'Add/Remove' and find the various updates for it you should be able to select them one by one and click on 'Change' which should provide a 'Repair' option - select this. If they all run correctly the update should install, the shield disappear and the error messages go.

Let us know how you get on.

  zeppman 12 Aug 11

There are that many messages that Is why I posted examples but there are all similar.I will look on the event log and post that.

  zeppman 12 Aug 11

I tried to save the log in a folder on my desktop .I cant open it ,It's a EVT file ?

  gengiscant 12 Aug 11

Click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance, then click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Computer Management. Or, open the MMC containing the Event Viewer snap-in. In the console tree, expand Event Viewer, and then click the log that contains the event that you want to view. In the details pane, double-click the event that you want to view.

The Event Properties dialog box containing header information and a description of the event is displayed.

To copy the details of the event, click the Copy button, then open a new document in the program in which you want to paste the event (for example, Microsoft Word), and then click Paste on the Edit menu.

  zeppman 12 Aug 11

I have screen shots of the msgs in a Windows.Doc file .. How do i post it on here?

  gengiscant 13 Aug 11

Sorry did not get back to you earlier. Go to this site: Images register then upload your screenshot, once uploaded if you put your mouse on the image a box will open, then click on the third line down, IMG code, you can the paste it here. Below is an example: [IMG][/IMG]

  gengiscant 13 Aug 11
  gengiscant 13 Aug 11

Try again.3rd time lucky

  gengiscant 13 Aug 11

Sorry ignore my instruction about choosing the third line (IMG Code)click on the first one (Direct link. That should do it.


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