Error Installing iKernal.exe: (0x0000)

  shermenator 15:06 12 Jun 03

what the hell?! i looked in the microsoft knowledge base and i looked at the nearest article about it. It told me to look in the system32 folder and look for a missing file. Which i found wasnt there so i got it off of the windows disk (i had to Expand it in the cmd box). Restarted but i still cant install using the install sheild!!

  expertec 15:16 12 Jun 03
  shermenator 15:40 12 Jun 03

i have tried installing a new version of ikernal.exe. Plus cleaning the temp folder. but it still doesnt work

  expertec 16:06 12 Jun 03

have you look at click here

  shermenator 17:03 12 Jun 03

yeah. i have installed the newest IE. still got problems

  shermenator 18:26 12 Jun 03


  Billy911 13:35 15 Jul 05

I got this message on my PC the other day (running W2K Pro):

Error installing iKernal.exe: The specified network name is no longer available.

I'd read in a book about viruses/security that Administrators should make all .exe & .com programs Read-only to help protect the system against viruses. when I tried to install a program that was on a CD I got the error message as above. When I put all the .exe & .com programs back to normal (ie able to write to) the problem disappeared. Hope this helps.

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