Error decoding jpg images produced by photoshop

  burnlea 18:26 25 Oct 08

When I transfer my jpeg camera images directly to CD/DVD, my DVD player has no problem displaying them. However if I process them via Adobe Photoshop CS3, and save them as jpeg images, and transfer to CD/DVD, the machine refuses to recognise them.

Solutions would be gratefully received!

  Pineman100 18:40 25 Oct 08

When you burn the images from Photoshop on to a disk, are you sure that the burn software is closing the disk properly?

  burnlea 19:12 25 Oct 08

Yes Pineman100 - I've put the originals and the PShop images on the same disc - the originals play, but the Pshop don't.

  eedcam 19:16 25 Oct 08

Obvious question but you are sure you are saving as Jpeg not allowing photoshop to save as psd which it will by default.Iuse P/shopand noprobs like that

  burnlea 19:20 25 Oct 08

Yep eedcam - definitely saving as jpeg.

  eedcam 22:39 25 Oct 08

OK and you are burning with the same software as when you import from the cam?

  burnlea 23:12 25 Oct 08

Yes - Nero

  eedcam 09:25 26 Oct 08

Good thinking Marg but standard is default then optomized then progresive and all play ok on mine

  Pineman100 10:35 26 Oct 08

"I've put the originals and the PShop images on the same disc - the originals play, but the Pshop don't."

If you burn files to a CD, then close the session, it's possible to return to the same CD later and burn more files on any remaining free space. But - in my experience - if you do that, the first session is no longer accessible.

Could this be the explanation? Have you tried burning your Photoshop jpegs on to a disk by themselves?

  burnlea 10:35 26 Oct 08

Have finally solved problem by using Photoshop Elements v. 2.0 to convert the Photoshop CS3 produced jpegs to Ps Elements jpegs - which now play fine. There must be something about the CS3 jpegs which are different. God knows what, because they were all saved as standard. Anyhow - thanks everyone for your contributions. Would still be interested in explanation if anyone finds it.

  Pineman100 10:48 26 Oct 08

I think you and I posted simultaneously above. Could the answer be as simple as what I suggested?

I'd be interested to know, because I'm considering upgrading my Photoshop from 7 to CS3 (and not before time!)

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