Error 734 help!!

  astra46 21:36 08 Feb 07

My internet keeps on disconnecting, dont know if its Pipex or a problem at my end?

"Error 734 ppp link control protocol was terminated" error message

  SANTOS7 21:37 08 Feb 07

This error is generally caused by you using the wrong username or password. The "Include Windows logon domain" check box is selected or the "Require secured password" setting is selected.

FIX 1:


Confirm Username and Password or renter them before connecting. Check that Caps etc are not on. Most logins are case sensitive.

FIX 2:


Click "Start", point to "Connect To", and then click your dial-up connection.

Click "Properties", and then click the "Options" tab.

Click to clear the "Include Windows logon domain" check box (if it is selected), and then click OK.

FIX 3:


Click "Start", point to "Connect To", and then click your dial-up connection.

In the "Connect" dialog box, click "Properties".

Click the "Security" tab.

Under "Security options", click "Allow unsecured password" in the "Validate my identity as follows" box, and then click "OK".

  skidzy 21:38 08 Feb 07
  skidzy 21:40 08 Feb 07

Now that was quick SANTOS7 :-)) 3 shredded wheat tonight hee hee.

  SANTOS7 21:44 08 Feb 07

Me mouse is on fire skidzy, ON FIRE!!!
hope it works..

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