mancity5151 19:17 07 Dec 10

Hi,Have just moved to Lanzarote and have bought a local mas movil dongle.In the UK I use a Vodafone one with no prob ,however on downloading all the software and registring all i get is ERROR 619.Have checked th SIM is activated in another phone so thats ok,any idea's please?.Thanks,Steve

  Ex plorer 10:40 08 Dec 10

Hi type into Google your operating system Error 619.

  Ex plorer 10:45 08 Dec 10

Should read (operating system Error 619 Vodafone) or variations and you will find many ideas from other people with the same problem.

  mancity5151 10:47 08 Dec 10

Thanks,had a look,there should be something to fix it,Regards,Steve

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