error 101

  briskem1 26 May 12

There is just 1 website I cannot connect to via virgin cable it says error 101 connection was reset ? using my 3 dongle i have no probs . and website says they haven't blocked my isp addy argghhh what can i do? thanks for any help offered

  KRONOS the First 26 May 12

Knowing which website might help?

  briskem1 26 May 12

it's .....

  buteman 26 May 12

Connect Ok for me using Virginmedia via cable.

If using I/E go to internet options.Security and make sure they are set to default.See if that makes any difference.

  briskem1 26 May 12

using google chrome ie set at default, no difference i cant access website from any browser

  briskem1 26 May 12

Error 101 (net::ERRCONNECTIONRESET): The connection was reset.

is exactly what it says??

  chub_tor 26 May 12

Your link works OK for me in Chrome. IE9 and Firefox 13. You might want to look at this link regarding Malware

  briskem1 26 May 12

would uninstalling chrome and then re installing do the trick?

  Woolwell 26 May 12

2 things to try:

Clear the browser cache - Spanner - Tools - Clear Browsing Data and make sure that only cache is checked.

Spanner - Settings - Advanced Settings - Network and Proxy settings and check that a proxy isn't being used.

  briskem1 26 May 12

nope that didn't work?

  chub_tor 26 May 12

If you can't access the site from any browser as you say in your earlier post then fiddling around with Chrome will not solve the problem, you have an issue which is not browser related which is why I suggested the Malware check in my previous post.


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