erratic start-up

  beg 17:07 16 May 06

My computer is four months old, it works perfectly with one exception. Every now and then it will not boot up unleaa the electricity is switched off at the mains and switched on again after about ten seconds.
I know this is a small complaint but would appreciate anyone knowing why this should happen.

  Gongoozler 17:19 16 May 06

The difference between switching off at the mains and switching off at the computer front panel is that while the mains is on there is still a standby 5V applied too the motherboard. It's this 5V standby that enables the front panel switch to start up the computer and also, if it's enabled, to allow external activity such as a modem or LAN to switch the computer on. Although this is only a small niggle at the moment it could be the beginning of a more serious problem developing and shouldn't be happening. The retailer should sort this out for you.

  beg 14:37 17 May 06

Many thanks for your help. Shall be contacting my retailer. Cheers.

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