Erratic Scrolling on Wireless Mouse.

  pringles57 17:16 20 Feb 12

Hi, i purchased a mouse about a month ago and now it seems that the scrolling is acting up...alot. The mouse i bought was the Sandstrom SMWLL11.

When i scroll down with the mouse it will somtimes scroll the wrong direction, somtimes scroll down really far or just not scroll at all. :(

Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this? I tried contacting Sandstrom but it seems their contact info page has no contact info...

  onthelimit1 09:05 21 Feb 12

Try changing the batteries first and make sure there's nothing nearby that could interfere with the signal. If no change, I'd send it back.

  Forum Editor 09:10 21 Feb 12

This company is part of the Dixons Store group, so I imagine you bought your mouse from PC World, Currys or Dixons.

Whichever one it was, take the mouse back to the store and ask for a replacement -once you've checked the battery, as suggested by onthelimit1

  Terry Brown 09:15 21 Feb 12

Not directly related, but I had a wireless telephone that I had near my computer and sometimes the phone worked, sometimes not, sometimes the (wireless) modem cut out (stopped sending receiving). I cured the problem by moving the phone away from the computer.

Could you have a similar problem?


  spuds 09:44 21 Feb 12

I know nothing about this particular make of mouse, but I have found that if there is a ball, then remove the cover and see if a foreign object is stopping the ball from doing its intended action. Many a time it as been a case of just dusting out a bit of fluff?.

  onthelimit1 15:00 21 Feb 12

A ball?

My word, spuds - you are living in the Dark Ages!

  spuds 15:13 21 Feb 12

onthelimit1- "you are living in the Dark Ages" sounds about right.

But not with my old and trusty favourite wireless Packard Bell. Who needs modern technology :O)

  Woolwell 15:28 21 Feb 12

Is this scrolling problem with the mouse wheel or mouse movement? If the latter then try changing the mouse mat or using it without a mat on a plain sheet of paper. Patterns on mouse mats can cause erratic mice behaviour.

  ams4127 17:13 21 Feb 12

Try reinstalling the drivers.

  pringles57 17:33 21 Feb 12

I tried changing the batteries but that didnt help, and there doesnt appear to be anything blocking the signal. I would take it back to pc world but i dont think i still have the original packaging...

Ams4127, it didnt come with any drivers and WoodWell its with the scrolling, not mouse movement.

Also if i do find the packaging i wouldnt need a receipt to return as it's faulty, right?

  Woolwell 19:18 21 Feb 12

Are you accidentally holding down the middle wheel in the click position?

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