Erratic ping on cable connection

  vaughan007 23:18 09 May 04

Hello everyone,

I have been using broadband for about 3 years or so.

I have never really experienced any dramatic problems until about 2 days ago.

I play online games a lot so when there is a problem with my connection I notice it straight away.

Basically, my ping (speed of connection) has become terribly erratic. One moment it is good and my connection is nice and fast. Then a few minutes later drops to that of a snails pace for a few seconds. Then it speeds back up again.

I have done the usual stuff as follows:-

1. Scanned for viruses...clean.
2. Scanned for ad ware...also clean.

Does anyone else have any theories or things to try before I ring my ISP and ask them why my connection has become rubbish?

  powerless 23:25 09 May 04

It might not be you it might be "them".

  vaughan007 23:50 09 May 04

I am fairly sure it is "them".

Should the problem remain much longer I will have to call them...

Does anyone know of a "ping monitor" that records your connection speed?...Just so I have some "proof" to show them that my connection has become erratic.

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