Erasing Google drop down menu

  yorky925 14:43 28 Jul 05

Could some one kindly explain how to erase all the information in the Google drop down menu. I’m using windows xp

  recap 15:36 28 Jul 05

If you have the Google Tool bar then just click the arrow to the right of Google and select delete history.

Or click here for a registry tweek.

If you do choose the second option, remember to back up your registry first!

  mjf85 15:36 28 Jul 05


Go to Tools/internet options

Then deleate history, cookies, and downloaded content. Then go start/programs/acessories/system tools/disk clean up and select all the options and run that.

this should get rid of the pull down menus for you

Hope this helps.

  mattyc_92 15:42 28 Jul 05

If it is the website form you wish to erase, you could just load up the site, and press down (when the text cursor is displayed in the field). Then just press "Delete" on your keyboard.

I think it only works for IE though.

  recap 15:42 28 Jul 05

Sorry, a bit brain dead this afternoon. Forget my second option, just go to Tools/Internet Option/Content (tab) Select the Auto-complete button and de-tick all the boxes.

  yorky925 17:09 28 Jul 05

Thanks chaps, problem solved

  User-312386 20:59 28 Jul 05

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