Erasing Backup CDs and DVDs

  phoenix198 00:05 26 Oct 05

Can anyone recommend a tool for 'destroying' backup CD-R and DVD+/-R, or at least rendering them unreadable?

I've seen a couple of multi-purpose shredders on eBay click here and click here - anyone know if this type is effective and might last more than five minutes?

  Skills 00:24 26 Oct 05

Why not just take a nail to the top of it, or microwave them?

Shattering thems always quite effective as well but makes a mess

  Dan the Doctus 00:29 26 Oct 05

click here has a few suggestions.

  €dstowe 06:40 26 Oct 05

Considering how easy it is to accidentally damage both types of disk such that they won't play, deliberately rendering them unplayable should be even easier.

Don't get too concerned about it though - unless you have very good reasons to need to destroy them. Discarded disks are so plentiful (think of all those Tiscali ones etc as cover disks and those given away with newspapers) that no-one is even going to bother looking at them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:32 26 Oct 05

Pair of scissors, pointy end, scratch surface of disk, job done. No point getting all paranoid about information.


  wee eddie 08:59 26 Oct 05

in any way you wish.

Probably the easiest way is to put a wire brush on your Electric Drill and run it around the Read/Write surface of the CD a couple of times.

  phoenix198 13:26 26 Oct 05

Thanks to all for their suggestions. Abrading the read/write surface seems to be the method of choice.

As luck would have it, a useful little tool called a Press-It CD Destroyer click here just happened to fall out of the IT cupboard at work today!

Incidentally Gandalf <|:-)> given the reported rise in ID theft I think there is every point in getting paranoid about information, particularly the volume of it cntained in a DVD backup of 3.6GB of personal information - not to mention any commercially or a otherwise sensitive data contained therein.

One last thought:

What's the difference between 'data' and 'information'?

362436 is data, 36-24-36 is information!

(I'll get me coat)

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