Equal signs galore

  Gingermum 20:21 08 Mar 05

Can anyone explain why during the last couple of weeks I keep receiving occasional emails which are full of equal signs, usually replacing the first letter of a word.
I have just received one now which ended "Thanks.=/DIV>" When I checked the html source the sentence started with a div tag but nowhere closed.
(Why does everyone have to use html for email messages?)

  Pesala 20:52 08 Mar 05

Because it looks so much better than plain text.

Leaf tea </b></span></font><font size=3D"2"><span style=3D"font-siz=
e: 10px"><i>
from the</i></span></font><i><font size=3D"6"><span style=3D"font-size: 2=
Tree of Life!<br>
</b></span></font></i><b><font size=3D"5"><span style=3D"font-size: 18px"=
nature's g</span></font></b></font><b><font size=3D"5"><span style=3D"fon=
t-size: 18px"><font face=3D"Arial">ift<br>
<font color=3D"#333300">Olive Leaf Tea is Delicious and has many natural =

HEALTH benefits - </font><font color=3D"#993300">Order Loose Leaf T=
ea, Tea
Bags, Capsules or Supplement Powder today and receive a FREE color =
</font></font></span></font></b><font size=3D"5">
<span style=3D"font-size: 18px"><font face=3D"Arial"><font color=3D"#3333=
<b>U.S. Customers: </b></font><b><font color=3D"#0000ff"><u>

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