Epson Stylus C62

  WNS Ltd 17:54 19 Feb 04

Hi i have an Epson Stylus C62 and everytime i print it comes out with lines through the pictures etc. I have tried using all the maintenace tools i.e cleaning the heads but the same problme still occurs. I also have sufficient amount of ink in both the black and the colour cartriges.

  marilynbell 18:43 19 Feb 04

Are you using compats or genuine ink, I have a C62 and it doesn't like a lot of the compats that I used to use with my old epson I stick to Jet Tec cartridges now they are a bit dearer but with all the other compats I was having to clean so may times I was losing all my ink

  Andybear 18:48 19 Feb 04

I have the same problem and I use Epson's own ink cartridges, not compatibles. I use more ink on the cleaning process than printing out. When the latest cartridges run out I'm seriously considering buying another printer - but not an Epson one!

  slimbo51 18:49 19 Feb 04

I have a C62 Myself and used to get the same prob.

The answer in my case was also the ink used.

I will only use Print-Rite cartridges and never have any probs at all now.

In my machine it was a cartridge called Platinum that created the print lines.

  bloo meeny 20:22 19 Feb 04

Same problem here (but with Stylus Colour 760) - been like it almost 12 months now, and although now using cheaper inks it started to happen when using only Epson cartridges and paper.
Head alignment checks out ok as does test print.

  The Spires 21:14 19 Feb 04

You could try the super clean using this utilty. click here

  bloo meeny 22:24 19 Feb 04

Used this before. Great for clearing blocked printheads ......... Not good if you're already wasting too much ink !!!
And it didn't cure the 'lines' problem, but thanks for suggestion.

  WNS Ltd 23:23 19 Feb 04

Yer i am using compatiable inks from click here but i have used them before and they have been fine. It weird that its playing up now tho.

  marilynbell 23:48 19 Feb 04

As I said I only use Jet Tec ink I used Print Rite and have all sorts of trouble with them, they were the worst of all. There is one thing if you are having a problem and your printer is under 12 months old, contact epson (I suggest on the web as you can never get through on the phone)their policy is to just call and replace the printer, you can't fault them there, but watch what ink you have in when they call. I've had my printer replaced within the first 12 months no questions asked

  slimbo51 08:38 20 Feb 04

Just a second note:

Had a prob with weight of paper used for printing photo's on the C62.

Spoke to Epson and was told the printer will not accept paper above 200g , as the print head will touch the paper and produce lines across the picture.

Bought some 180g and it now does perfect prints.

May not be relivant in your case, but thought worth mentioning.

  slimbo51 08:40 20 Feb 04

Sorry that should have read 165g NOT 180g.

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