EPSON RX640 Problem

  tried 14:25 04 Nov 07

Ive changed the inks but cannot print a decent test page (missing segments) tried all the manual sugestions any advice lads ? (other than bin it)

  FreeCell 18:11 04 Nov 07


Clean the connectors on ink cartridges and printer with slightly damp lint-free cloth.

Try another cartidge. Was it a manufacture's original or refill?

  Technotiger 19:28 04 Nov 07

When using the Maintenance software to do Nozzle checks etc, it is quite normal to have to carry out the cleaning/checking cycle five or six times before getting a good print. In my experience once is never enough.

  woodchip 19:37 04 Nov 07

I have RX620 So you should not be having Problems with a Later Printer yet

  tried 11:56 05 Nov 07

Thanks all the printer is 12 days to garrentee run out. Im going to buy an Epson set of inks to put in and retest. A set of Epson inks costs 60% of the cost of the printer @ £78. Head cleaning at 2 times takes nearly 20% of the ink in the cartridge Epsons responce to the prob. was clean the heads again! I guess the staff have shares in the company! troble its costing me more than I earn at the mo! Ill let you know how it proceeds thanks again.

  jack 13:49 05 Nov 07

Investigate continuous ink supplies systems very cost effective - for example
click here
I have recently converted my R300 for an all in cost of £35 or so
Then look at
click here
recover waste ink to put in the black tank and to avoid the service- ink pad overflow neg[ you will get the nag but you will know you can reset that with
the SSC utility - click here

  woodchip 18:00 05 Nov 07

Why not get some Cleaning carts? click here=

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