Epson R300 CD printing, help!

  rickf 09:35 03 Mar 05

HI, I have this printer and am over the moon with the quality. However, can soemone tell me how to get it to print an image on printable CDs right round to the edge of the disc. So all that I have printed have left a 2cm white band around the edge. I would like the printed image to fit on to the disc as far out possible, like the professional ones. Thanks for any interest.

  leo49 09:41 03 Mar 05

Measure the inner and outer diameter of the printable area of the discs you're using, then in the Epson Print CD software click on the yellow CD-type icon on the left and adjust these dimensions for the printed area.

  rickf 11:24 03 Mar 05

Thanks Leo49. Will attempt that.

  leo49 11:38 03 Mar 05

That 2cm[if you mean cm and not mm]has just permeated my brain.

When setting the inner/outer dimensions ensure the 12cm CD/DVD option is selected.[That could explain why you're getting a 2cm band as the other option is 8cm CD].

The default settings are 38mm inner, 118mm outer.

  rickf 12:06 03 Mar 05

Thanks again Leo. Haven't had time to try it yet. I am sure your suggestions are good.

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