Epson R285 stops printing when ink outlight comes

  Bruz 11:33 02 Apr 09

On all other epson printers that I have had they do not let you print if an ink cartridge is empty.
Twice now my new R285 has stopped half way through a colour print out.
This not only waists ink it also waits glossy paper.
When you re enter the paper it over writes the old image.
Any one got any ideas of how to stop this?
Cheers Bruz

  Grey Goo 11:53 02 Apr 09

I have only run out once whilst printing, changed the cart and it carried on from where it had left off. The ink low light flashes on my printer as an indication that the job may not complete. As I use compatible carts I change them before they run out completely.

  Bruz 12:43 02 Apr 09

Thanks for the input I obviously pressed the wrong button when I tried to relocate the print head, this ejected the sheet.
I will take note of the levels in future.
I use compatible ink but just recently I am having t pay double what I used to for them.
They are still only about 1 third of the epson prices.
Thanks again.
Cheers Bruz

  Grey Goo 12:55 02 Apr 09

Don't know where you get yours or the prices but I usually use these
click here
The Xprint are cheaper than the Inkrite

  Grey Goo 12:59 02 Apr 09
  cocteau48 14:34 02 Apr 09

I have been running a Continuous Ink Supply System on my R285 for 5 months now click here

The print quality is superb and the ink cost is so negligible (£1.46 for each 100ml bottle)I never worry about how much I am printing off.

It really is worth considering.

  Bruz 10:45 07 Apr 09

I have just had a e talk session with epson and they do not seem to believe what I have told them.
There is no warning light to tell you that a cartridge is low. Even when the monitor is showing 20 to 30% of ink it them it just stops.
All attempts to restart the printing from where it stopped have failed and Epson confirm that it cannot be done.
Thanks for the info on ink cartridges and systems I will check them out.
Cheers Bruz

  Grey Goo 13:32 07 Apr 09

My printer is fairly old and I guess a lot less sophisticated than the newer models, I was basing my input on outdated info.

  Bruz 16:18 07 Apr 09

It was not a knock at what you said, it was just in passing as the Epson guy went on at length about this printer having the newer technology.
New technology, I have had 3 epson printers before this one a 400, 600 and a r220 none of these printers stopped while printing, that being the case they have gone back a few years. With the old techno after the red light came on you could usually get 2 or 3 printouts before the printer would not let go any further. The new techno just stops which wastes paper ink and time.
So much for new technology.
Cheers Bruz

  Grey Goo 20:17 07 Apr 09

No Worries

  Grey Goo 20:20 07 Apr 09

Seems a continuous ink supply might be in order if that is how the little sucker wants to play.

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