Epson R220 won't print

  kjefft 11 Apr 12

Epson R220 Stylus Photo Printer stopped printing. The printer printed fine and then suddenly all colors and the black stopped. I figured it was the infamous waste ink counter causing the problem. The paper runs though but it comes out blank in all cases (like I'm printing with invisible ink). There are no lights on but the power light so no indication of empty ink cartridges. I tried to print Test pages, documents, nozzle checks...etc. -- paper comes out blank every time.

Here are some of the things I've tried but with no luck so far:

  • Used the SSC utility to reset the protection counter
  • Re-routed waste ink to an external collection bottle (ink is flowing because plenty of it runs into the collection bottle when the printer is turned on or the heads cleaned).
  • Put in all new ink cartridges (very expensive)
  • Cleaned the print head (via Epson utility and by manually flushing with warm water -- there's no blockage).
  • Uninstalled/reinstalled the printer
  • Unplugged printer and reconnected

Any suggestions?

  robin_x 11 Apr 12

Failure to move the paper and try to print can be the Print Spooler. For future info.

But that is not your problem.

Try a simple Word or new Wordpad document. The quick brown fox jumped etc

Highlight and make all Blue lettering. Try again, then Red.

Select Print Preview and have a look at the Properties for any clues.

  robin_x 11 Apr 12

May have to click Print and select Preferences first (instead of Properties)

  kjefft 11 Apr 12

Thanks, but I've tried printing all kinds of documents with B&W and different color text, including the R220 test pages and nozzle checks. The printer goes through the motions but the paper comes out blank.


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