Epson R220 suddenly rejects JetTec inks

  Trikie 18:22 25 Feb 07

I've been using JetTec ink ever since buying this printer and apart from the usual initial warning the first time a new cartridge is used I have had no problems.

I replaced one cartridge today and it now refuses to recognise any of the 6 cartridges and will not print.

How can I get round this?

Clean the contacts on the cartridge you have replaced and then re-install it. This worked for me on my R340 a couple of days ago.

  Trikie 19:24 25 Feb 07

Thanks oldal1. Have done this and now printing a picture. I didn't think of doing this as I didn't realise that one faulty cartridge would affect all 6.

  Trikie 22:20 25 Feb 07

Sorry to have to come back on this but after printing several photos perfectly I'm getting the same message again. This time I have'nt changed a cartridge or done anything else to the printer.

I've cleaned all 6 chips but no joy. Is there anything else I can try?

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