Epson R200

  maz2 22:26 21 Feb 05

Habing to uninstall and reinstall on a regular basis. It works fine for a while and then comes up with the document failed to print, I try printing a test page then and it prints a load of rubbish. I downloaded a new driver from Epson website and when this is done the printer doesn't work at all. I feel like throwing it through the window and most probably will when my stock of ink runs out. By the way running XP and also have connected an Epson CX3200

  jolorna 22:29 21 Feb 05

are you making sure that your selecting the epson r200 when you want to print

  maz2 22:33 21 Feb 05

Absolutely, it does start printing then stops

  Happy Soul 23:41 21 Feb 05

maz2, start by uninstalling the printer and drivers.

Unplug the USB connector from the computer.

Use the CD which came with the printer.

If my memory serves me right the installation order is incorrect. You install the second item first, then the first item.

At some point you will be asked to switch your printer on. Connect the USB cable and switch on and follow any instructions.

This is from memory so hopefully my brain is in gear.

Good luck.

  maz2 11:01 22 Feb 05

Thanks I'll give that a try later on

  maz2 23:35 24 Feb 05

Tried that and it didn't work, you can't install the 2nd item on the disc before the 1st, the 1st item is the printer drivers, and it won't allow you to install anything else without the drivers as it comes up that the R200 printer is not installed

  Sharpamatt 06:43 25 Feb 05

If you are running SP2 you need the updated drivers from Epsom

  maz2 13:14 25 Feb 05

No not running SP2 also tried updayed drivers and no joy, I'll just have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling till by stock of ink runs out and get a Canon

  maz2 01:25 26 Feb 05

When I try to uninstall from add/remove programmes a box comes up with no DAT file, so it won't uninstall any ideas please

  €dstowe 06:46 26 Feb 05

Printers must be removed via the Printers and Faxes tab in the start menu.

  €dstowe 07:01 26 Feb 05

Note is is absolutely VITAL to install printer software according to the instructions given. This applies to all printers but especially Epson ones.

ANY deviation from the given method may result in a failure of the installation - which is what you are experiencing, I feel.

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