Epson PX730WD double sided printing

  widdy 20 Feb 13

I want to print a 4 page (Landscape) document from a PDF on the above printer using the double sided option and then folding the printout However pages 1 & 4 come out ok but the inner pages 2 & 3 print upside down with respect to pages 1 & 4. It seems the only way to do it is to print out several of sides 1 & 4, turn them round , replace them in the printer and print pages 2 & 3.

There probably is a setting somewhere if any one knows. Cheers

  Forum Editor 20 Feb 13

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  Woolwell 20 Feb 13

Do you want to fold like a booklet? If so then try in printing preferences under 2-sided click on settings and then booklet.

  woodchip 20 Feb 13

Have you checked the Printer Properties when you click print, as it will be set to default without you changing it

  widdy 20 Feb 13

Looks like you are on the right track. What I need is an A4 sheet folded in half, printed on both sides so first print out is pages 1 & 4, then when the printer takes it back in to print the other side (Pages 2 & 3) I can then fold down the centre to make a 4 page booklet. Which when I check the booklet option reduces it in size but strangly the iner pages of the booklet are still upside down with respect to the outer.

Thanks for your help

  Woolwell 20 Feb 13

Are you printing from Adobe Reader? If so then you need to choose in the print window booklet and binding left, both sides. There is a preview window which gives you an idea of the final layout.

  widdy 20 Feb 13

Sorted as well as that, I ticked flip on short side and its perfect. Many many thanks It was driving me mad Cheers


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