epson printers and xp

Does anyone know if there is a compatability problem with xp and epson printers.I`ve downloaded the latest drivers for the printer but it wont print from word pad or note pad.Down loaded a word processor Abiword and it wont print from that either.Checked for conflicts but couldn`t find any.It`s an Epson c62 and it`s the full xp not an upgrade.
Many thanks

  FRANKMAC 06:30 24 Dec 03

This maybe of little help .... I have winxp and epson photo printer 830 ..... no problems whatsoever (except the price of ink cartridges)

  Jester2K 06:33 24 Dec 03

"it`s the full xp not an upgrade."

Makes no difference - they are both the same.

Any error messages?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

  Bald Eagle 06:44 24 Dec 03

Same problem with an Epson printer and XP Pro, no upgraded drivers available from Epson. Ended up swopping for daughter's HP printer which is supported. Suggests Epson not interested in updating drivers.

  stlucia 08:51 24 Dec 03

You surprise me Bald Eagle. Epson certainly have an XP driver for the C62 at click here , and they seem to cover all their printers on their site.

To answer magician121, I've had no problem with my Epson 870 (or my old Canon BJC600) on XP after getting updated drivers from the respective web sites.

  hugh-265156 08:59 24 Dec 03

i use an epson printer and xp.

i did have problems at first using the supplied xp drivers on disc.

got latest ones from the epson site and all was well. click here for drivers.

also click here? for support tool.

all else fails click here# and click etalk for a chat with tech support.

  Jester2K 09:00 24 Dec 03

Bald Eagle didn't say it was a C62 - "Same problem with an Epson printer and XP Pro"

Also Epson don't have XP drivers for ALL their old printers. They are all listed but with older printers when you select Ink-Jet Printer, Old Model and Windows XP it'll come up "No Drivers"

Been down that route before with a few cleints...

Sometimes Win2000 drivers work under XP.

  The Spires 09:02 24 Dec 03

I used the driver on the Epson disk about 6 months ago, not had any problems. Running XP Pro.

  The Spires 09:04 24 Dec 03

ooops, I have a C62.

  hugh-265156 09:11 24 Dec 03

as above win2000 drivers should work if there is not an xp specific one available for your model.

  bananaslik 10:08 24 Dec 03

iv'e got an epson 880 put xp pro on and had no probs tee hee merry christmas everyone

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