epson printer probs

  swanny2 21:56 19 Jan 05

me new printer .when i print anything it comes out skew wiffed> .that means not straight on me a4 :O)
ive alighned everythin on the printer but too no avail;.... any ideas plz...

  Buchan 35 22:09 19 Jan 05

swanny2, If it`s new, try the Epson web page and you`ll be able to find the nearest fitter to your home. He`ll sort it for you as it`s still under guarantee. Alternatively phone Epson, wait through all the messages until a fitter answers and seek his guidance, they`re very good. I`d recommend them to anyone, but he might tell you to get in touch with your local man so ask for a telephone number and address, Best of luck mate

  swanny2 00:00 20 Jan 05

tx but this is me second 1 now this prints out not stright lol .. i no idea. tx anyway i will try them ....

  €dstowe 06:32 20 Jan 05

Because of the way it is contructed, a printer can only print square on to the surface it is printing. It is impossible for a printer to print "skew wiffed". It you find this is happening then it must be due to the paper being fed into the printer at an odd angle or there is something amiss with the paper feed. It is unlikely to be the latter as you are getting the same effect on a replacement printer.

To be fed into the printer correctly the paper must fit snug with the guide bars either side of the paper stack. Are you sure you have done this? Ensure that these guides are correctly positioned and the paper has no sideways movement. Similarly, the paper should not be gripped tightly by the guides.

  swapper 07:42 20 Jan 05

I had a similar experience with the paper feed, I eventually found that a pin from my small notice board above had fallen into the printer and was laying against the rollers, too big to go through, have a really close look inside!

  jack 08:39 20 Jan 05

Swanny 2 is not being very clear with the description of the apparent 'fault'
Is the paper guide set tight to the edges of the sheet for example, so that paper feed straight.
It will twist, if the guide is left open.

Is He/She saying the paper feeds crooked?
Or is he say the imaging software is presenting unsquare images?

And please do use TXT language, this makes life very difficult for a non [steam telephony user]txtr

  swanny2 14:09 20 Jan 05

HE is sayin that the image is printing skew wiffed when it comes out .everything seems too be ok paer .etc.
ty.. :O)¬ ty=thankyou

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