Epson printer - delay in printing

  Glen 09 Oct 12

I have an Epson SX400 all-in one, and am using alternative inks. When I photocopy there is no problem, but when printing from the PC there is a very long delay, followed by a message warning that I am using non original inks etc etc, and do I wish to continue. I click yes, and it prints immediately. Can I bypass this delay, and the message, and print rather more speedily. Glen

  northumbria61 09 Oct 12

Something for you to try enter link description here

  northumbria61 09 Oct 12

Should have added that I don't think using compatibles has anything to do with slow printing (I have used nothing else for years) or the delay in printing and I am not sure if there is a way around seeing your error message.

  Woolwell 09 Oct 12

How are you connected to the printer?

  Glen 10 Oct 12

Thanks Guys for advice, but no luck so far.Tried the link and got as far as "Speed and Progress" but no Status Monitor could be found. Only "Show progress Meter" which when unchecked entirely stopped printing.When I re-checked the tick had re-appeared. In answer to you, I am connected by USB cable and using Vista Business. The message I get, after waiting for 60 to 75 seconds, starts "You have not installed genuine Epson Ink cartridges" and ends up "Continue using this ink?" I then click "Continue" and printing is immediate and speedy. I have been buying ink from IJT. I would be glad of any further ideas Glen

  woodchip 10 Oct 12

Epson Software built into Driver is what's slowing it down as you are using compatible ink. It is reading the Ink before it starts to print to see how much Ink is in Carts, and comes across the compatibles, then sends up the message. all this takes time


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