epson printer damaged?

  elaric 15 May 11

I use my epson photo 300 to print on to discs, a couple of cheap ink cartridges leaked into it and now the disc tray having entered as normal returns all the way out with the message "disc tray loaded incorrectly" it isn't My theory is that some ink has covered or damaged a sensor although that idea may be wrong. I have had the thing to bits to try to clean but it is very compact The paper printing still works perfectly Any ideas out there would be appreciated

Thanks Richard

  johndrew 15 May 11

The chances are you are correct in the assumption that ink has contaminated components. The best bet is probably to strip and clean the tray assembly; you can search here for a free copy of the service manual - you may be lucky link text

  spuds 15 May 11

You could try three alternatives!.

Go back to the retailer that you purchased the cartridges from, and explain the situation to them. Some reputable refillers provide an insurance option or repair service that covers situations like this.

You could also contact your local Epson approved repair agent. Different agent have different prices, but I tend to find that the start price is from £20.00 for a general clean-up job. Parts would be additional fees. When a consumer starts stripping down printers, that can miss the most obvious thing!.

The R300 is getting on a bit now, so it might pay to have a look on eBay, or consider getting a newer model with a simple search for a good discount promotional offer?.

  elaric 16 May 11

Thanks for your help chaps, you are right Spuds it is getting on so I am going for a Canon mg 8150 as I have a good few 35mm slides to scan All the best Richard


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