Epson Printer Communications Error

  Helpmepleeeeease! 15:51 06 Jul 04

My printer is an Epson C20UX, and comes up with the message 'communications error' when still prints out, but we don't know why the message keeps appearing. It also doesn't show whether inkjets are empty or not

  pj123 15:57 06 Jul 04

I think you need to re-install the printer drivers and include the Status Monitor. Make sure your printer is switched off during the installation. The software will tell you when to switch the printer on.

  Bobby237 21:39 07 Jul 04

usually means that PC is sending info to the printer, but not getting info back for ink levels etc. Firstly check the printer is direct -ie not through USB hub etc. Then try doing full uninstall and reinstall.

  Trikie 00:21 08 Jul 04

I also get this, but its intermittent. How important is it not to use a USB hub? I don't have a spare USB socket

  Bobby237 20:57 08 Jul 04

It can be quite important as the PC may not then get the info back from the printer for the ink levels and that's when it can show communication error. You could try without a hub i.e. unplug your other USB devices, and plug the printer directly into the PC. You won't need to reinstall the driver or anything like that. Try a couple of prints then and see if you get the error. This should at least tell you whether the problem is caused by running through a hub.

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