epson ink

  steve_rfc 21:58 06 Nov 07

ive just bought an epson stylus photo R265

can will it take compatible ink cartridges??

if so where on the net would be the cheapest to buy them lol

plus im looking to buy epson glossy paper on line aswell

  woodchip 22:05 06 Nov 07

I get mine from click here For a RX620

  themonkeyman 22:13 06 Nov 07

Hi Steve, I have been using compatible ink cartridges for my Epson C64 for about 3 years now. I find the best place to buy is on ebay. A good brand on ebay is Pro-Jet. Put a search into ebay for R265 ink cartridges, I just did this and there are loads available. One in particular is offering 7 inks for £14.99 + £3.00 P&P. You might be able to find cheaper if you look through all the listings. The ones I buy for the C64 are about £1 each. Never had any trouble with them.


  themonkeyman 22:17 06 Nov 07

Steve, I forgot to mention, make sure you buy the compatibles that have the chip already fitted, don't buy those where you have to take the chip out of the original cartridge, they tell you it's easy, but I found it to be a nightmare, ink everywhere etc.


  Technotiger 22:51 06 Nov 07

I also have the R265 - I use compatible inks from click here with excellent results.

  Technotiger 22:51 06 Nov 07

PS you can get Glossy paper from Choice as well.

  steve_rfc 23:31 06 Nov 07

chip i don't no there where any chips to that out

how do no if there have the chip or not???

  Technotiger 23:54 06 Nov 07

Don't worry about chip - you can buy from Choice with absolute confidence! I use them all the time, and have done so for years.

  steve_rfc 11:11 07 Nov 07

i bought some ink from ebay with say they have the latest chip in them

there called pro jet "themoneyman" said there ok and as ive learned poeple on this site do know wat there talking but the only thing that cocerns me is the small matter of the chip i don't want to buy compatible ink if there not going to work ????

  Technotiger 11:48 07 Nov 07

Well personally I would never buy inks on ebay, I would rather pay an extra £1 and know that my purchase was absolutely guaranteed to be perfect. I have dealt with Choice Stationery for some years (as have very many regular forum members) and have never been let down by them.

  Technotiger 11:49 07 Nov 07

BTW - delivery is free, from Choice.

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