Epson DX4450 has blank lines through the black when it prints?

  optimist88 23 Sep 12

I know this printer is pants but i can't afford to get another one right now. All the colours print out fine just when i print out in black it has clear lines going through. Even if i print out the same thing again it has the same lines in the same place. Iv done all the nozzle clean and other options it lets you do to try fix it but no luck. Does anyone have any tips or ideas for a quick fix? I hope this is the right sort of forum, couldn't really find anywhere else.

Thank you in advance,


  northumbria61 23 Sep 12

A faulty cartridge perhaps?

  optimist88 23 Sep 12

the cartidges are brand new. i put a whole new set in.

  Muergo 23 Sep 12

Could still be a faulty cartridge if you are using cheap ink, otherwise you are in for a new print head, could cost more than it's worth.

I've never had to clean my head, (no hangovers) because I use original inks for the last eight years.

  woodchip 23 Sep 12

You need to use a Syringe to put warm water through it inside Cart Drawer, down each tube

  Woolwell 23 Sep 12

I assume that you have done the nozzle print check. Does that show broken lines in black?

  optimist88 23 Sep 12

it doesnt have lines, it prints half of what it should print if that makes sense. the half it that has printed of the black part on the nozzle check print out has no lines

  Woolwell 23 Sep 12

According to your manual then you should have lines.

Wonder if you have a corrupt print driver?

  woodchip 24 Sep 12

Try printing a test page. Printer Folder then Properties Print Test Page


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