Epson CX6600

  keelo44 18:05 21 Dec 06

hi guys,
Does anybody know anything about the Epson CX6600 all in one printer, mine will not start up, checked all connections, had the moulded plug checked at work by electricians, thats fine, but cannot get it to start up any more, does anyone know of any history faults on this model, its only 2 years old

  The Brigadier 18:09 21 Dec 06

Sounds terminal!
Have you moved it recently?
When did you 1st notice it not working, what were you doing just before it??

  keelo44 18:36 21 Dec 06

my mrs was doing a re-start on the pc, it was suddenly sent to bios, we pressed esc key, to exit, carried out the re-start again, switched printer off, and then it would not switch on

  Technotiger 19:38 21 Dec 06

Hi, have you had a look in Contol Panel>Printers&Faxes to check Properties?

  Technotiger 19:39 21 Dec 06

- or - disconnect Printer and re-install its Software and then re-connect.

  keelo44 19:54 21 Dec 06

hi technotiger,
the printer is a standalone, and there is no power going to the printer, although the connection has been proved to work, and thanks for you help

  Technotiger 20:41 21 Dec 06

Hmmm, I am not familiar with the printer, or rather, the innards of the printer - I am wondering if there is an internal Fuse which has blown, if this is the case should not be too difficult to replace the fuse.

  keelo44 20:47 21 Dec 06

thanks technotiger, but i cannot see how to get into the electrical parts without having to take pieces apart, which no doubt will be diffioult to replace, i will contact Epson, to see if there is an internal fuse, then get someone to look at it...once again thank you

  chubbs20uk 23:07 03 Jan 07

hi there is there any more on this problem with the cx6600 as mine has just gone off aswell also 2 yrs old (conspiracy) lol many thanks.

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