Epson CX3200

  marilynbell 14:09 19 Jan 03
  marilynbell 14:09 19 Jan 03

I recently purchased an epson CX3200 and while it prints great and scans great every time I switch it on I get an error message with the scanner, although I'm not using it. I just wondered if anyone else had this problem, I have contacted epson but have not had a reply yet and thought someone out there might be able to solve my problem, the scanner is in the unlocked position

  ton 17:26 19 Jan 03

Can't help, but this will put it back to the top.

  Rtus 18:44 19 Jan 03

whats the message you get.. Im not conversant with the unit but Errors are normally due to incorect drivers ( leaving old epson status monitor software on when changing to another model)and the Spool settings ..Ive looked at the support site as yet there isnt a listing for your model (too new)

  marilynbell 22:52 19 Jan 03

I was debating about downloading a new driver, there are 2 there under multi-function devices but I dont know which one to load, anyhow for now I have swapped the modem and printer around on the USB and the error light didn't come on so whether this has solved it or not I dont know, I did uninstall my previous printer before I installed this one so presumably that drivers for that one would have been uninstalled as well anyhow I've no idea how to find out if they have or not Thanks for the help anyway

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