Epson Compatible Ink Cartridges not recognised

  shihtzu1 11 Jan 13

I have just installed a full set of compatible cartridges for an Epson Stylus sx435w and it says cartridges not recognised. I have switched the printer off removed cartridges and then left it for awhile and reintalled cartridges and this still does not rectify the problem. I keep reading on the internet that there are alot of these problems but can't find an answer to the problem. Can anyone help me.

  compumac 11 Jan 13

Enquire of the supplier of the compatible cartridges. They should refund in the event of not functioning.

  SillBill 11 Jan 13

You could also try wiping the printed circuit chip with a clean, soft, cloth - gently.

  compumac 11 Jan 13

Have you got the cartridges that you took out,on the assumption that they were original, could you put those back in again and do they still allow the printer to function, albeit not properly?

  mooly 12 Jan 13

I'm currently using Jettec brand cartridges in an Epson SX445. Have used them for years in other Epson printers and find them trouble free. They are guaranteed and with a real "contactable" company behind them.

I tried other types in the early days and had numerous issues from poor printing to not being recognised.

Super market own brands (Morrison, Wilkinson and I think Asda) also appear to be the Jettec brand.

  shihtzu1 12 Jan 13

Mooly Thank you for much for your advice on the JetTec cartridges. I went out and purchased the cartridges and they installed first time. I will now stick with these in the future.

  mooly 13 Jan 13

That's good to hear :) Thanks for the update.

  spuds 13 Jan 13

Epson had more than its fair share of not accepting compatibles, usually through 'chipping'. There was a number of ways of overcoming this, and that was then compatible suppliers began to offer extra warranties on their products.

Depending on what you paid for the compatibles, and whether its worth your time and effort. I would suggest that you contact the supplier for further advice or information, even though you now have a solution with JetTec cartridges.

  spuds 13 Jan 13

The PCA website appears to not show who is making postings again?

spuds posted above.


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