Epson C64 No Yellow!

  JohnDG 19:22 18 Jun 04

I am (was) using compatable carts for my printer, but after the last change I had no yellow. I have cleaned several times but no good. I then changed all carts again in case it was a defective cart, but still no yellow. I have cleaned again and now have half empty carts and STILL no yellow. Sometimes there is a trace of black in what should be a yellow area? Any advice will help or else the printer goes in the bin. Printer only 6 months old but warranty no good after compatable carts used.
John DG

  terryr48 19:31 18 Jun 04

I think I have read somewhere that epson cannot invailidate warranty if you use compats-if you are worried about this go and buy some origanals thenif it still dosn't work with these take it back with these in-they can't prove that you have used compats this way

  Dorsai 19:35 18 Jun 04

Don't use compatible ink.

Buy a printer.

My printer, An epson C84 has four tanks. They cost about £60 to replace all four. The printer only cost £80. I will buy new one's till the guarantee runs out then buy a new printer. only £20 more, and another years garantee. means i wont get stuck with four full ink tanks, and a printer that's DOA..

What do others think?

  JohnDG 19:57 18 Jun 04

Cost of Epson carts =£50.81 for set
Cost of C64 printer =£53.99 (Eclipse)

Guess what I will do?

Maybe buy new printer, swap new carts into old printer..... return old printer under warranty,
sell replacement printer, keep new one.


  Dorsai 20:22 18 Jun 04

Now there is an idea..but first use up old tanks that came with old pont in sending old duff printer back full of ink...

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