Epson C60 printing please

  bof:) 23:07 20 Jan 03
  bof:) 23:07 20 Jan 03

Hi All,

Spent 'interesting' evening at friends house. (She uses Windows ME) She has put a colour cartridge into her printer but now text won't print in 'MS Word 2000' but it will print in 'Paint'.

Pictures will print in MS word 2000 but they are mis-coloured.

I've checked:
the USB cable.

disconected the printer and printed a test page..everything except the black block printed. Even though the printer prog shows there is plenty of black ink in the cartridge.

I deleted and reinstalled the drivers after rebooting...hit a problem, the install said there was a fault with drivers. So, I downloaded from the Epson website..also got error message. It looks like its a win9x driver that's being installed...not an ME one.

So any ideas why I can get text on paint and not word 2000?

Pictures on word 2000 although they look a bit wrongly coloured?

Could it be because colour cartridge is generic?

Why would this affect the use of the black cartridge?

many thanks,


  Pauper 23:22 20 Jan 03

I don't know why the blacks not printing, not sure if C60 cartridges are chipped (anyone?), a first task should be to run the head cleaning utility and then see if there is anything on a test page. As for the issue of the text, the text print in a word document will be produced using the black cartridge, however the print you achived using the 'paint'program is an image and will more than likely be produced by the three inks in the colour cartridge overlaying each other to produce black.

  woodchip 23:34 20 Jan 03

Win9 is for ME

  woodchip 23:36 20 Jan 03

PS have you tried the obvious reinstall the cartridge's

  bof:) 11:07 21 Jan 03

Hi All,

Thanks Pauper and Woodchip.

It turned out to be the black cartridge. We put a new one in this morning and printer now prints in paint and Word2000.

(I did try the head cleaner option but forgot to mention it)

Thanks for your help,


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