Epson C42UX banding & drinking ink

  silliw 21:47 27 Oct 03

I bought an Epson C42UX to replace my old 760. I know it was cheap but I've had no end of problems with it banding at high quality and drinking ink when I try to clean the print heads. I have used nearly half a colour cartridge tonight just cleaning.

Is this a know problem with this entry level printer?

  jonnytub 22:35 27 Oct 03

what print cartridges are u using, originals or others? do you use printer often or few and far between,answer these and i can probably help. as for the cleaning process drinking ink, nothing u can do, all my family own c42ux's and they all drink the ink!!!!

  woodchip 22:39 27 Oct 03

If it's not satisfactory which it sound like it's not. Take it back and get a refund or exchange it. You Have rights By Law

  silliw 12:18 28 Oct 03

I bought the printer from cartridge world and have always used cartridge world refills.

It was a short fix printer as I do a lot of Photo printing from My digital camera and I will be looking to buy a photo quality printer soon.

  jonnytub 18:04 28 Oct 03

your probably right in replacing your old printer (get a refund or discount on a new one). If your after a good quality printer might i be so bold as to recommend the new hp photosmart 7960, just got one myself from click here for ?219.00, well worth 8 colour printing and a cute lcd screen to see what photos are on your cards (of which, of course, there are photo media card slots) sorry just can't help myself, chuffed to bits with my new kit!!!!!!!!

  Pidder 18:31 28 Oct 03

to jonnytub

But aren't the cartridges expensive? I've just got a photosmart 7260, not as posh as yours, but part of a camera deal. This one seems to be a new model and I can't find compatible cartridges at a reasonable price. Any comments?

  jonnytub 18:40 28 Oct 03

i havent had the chance to run a cartridge out but i think they retail for around ?26. Expensive i know, but the price you pay for high res printing.

  jonnytub 18:46 28 Oct 03

try here for prices click here

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