Epson 680 Printer Fault

  golda.neagle 18:00 24 Feb 04

A friend has asked me for advice. She owns an Epson 680 printer (nearly 4 years old) and, although she can print in colour, is unable to print in black. Has tried cleaning the heads etc but to no avail. Has tried PC World where she got the printer but they were only interested in selling her a new printer.

Not very well up on printers, but I suggested it might be the printer head. Am I right and if so is it worth replacing?


  JIM 19:07 24 Feb 04


click here

  golda.neagle 11:58 27 Feb 04

Thanks Jim, have passed the info. on to my friend, will let you know if it does the trick. Downloaded it myself but it didn't work, this is probably because I have an Epson 830 running under XP and it's not connected via USB. My friend runs ME so hopefully it'll be OK for her.

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