Epson 3170 Scanner Driver

My Epson 3170 scanner driver is corrupt. I have tried reloading the Scanner software and loading the Driver from the Epson site. Which has not fixed the problem. can the driver be loaded manualy if so how.

  anskyber 10:03 20 Nov 07

Did you delete the old driver first?

  anskyber 10:06 20 Nov 07

A longer expanation of manual updating. click here

  anskyber 10:07 20 Nov 07

Actually, this is a clearer graphical explanation. click here

I did delete the driver first but I will try again

  MAJ 10:15 20 Nov 07

Did you completely uninstall the old software first before attempting to install the new drivers? Disconnect the scanner and install the new drivers, then connect the scanner and turn it on. XP (if that's your OS) should detect the scanner and use the new drivers.

If you did that and it didn't work, try going to Device Manager, double-click on your scanner's entry, click the Driver tab and choose the option to update the driver and point it to the folder where the drivers were installed, see if it picks it up that way.

I can only find a entry for Epson in the Device Manager when the scanner is switched on. clicking on update i get "found New Hardware Found" I think I have a system problem

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