Envoy driver

  emperor 09:22 16 May 03

Does anyone know, please, where I can get a copy of the Envoy driver file envoyd7.drv ?

I have Corel WordPerfect Suite 8, which has the Envoy viewer, but not the driver - that was only included with the Pro edition. I would like to try using Envoy for generating files for sending to people who don't have WordPerfect.
And yes, I could use PDF generators, but I would like to try Envoy for the sheer fun of it.
Envoy does not seem to be supported by anyone any more, and a Google search for the driver file only shows up one not very useful result.

  emperor 15:12 16 May 03

I'll refresh this so that anyone coming in from a hard day's work gets chance to see it before it drops off the bottom of the pile.

  Belatucadrus 15:40 16 May 03

May not be of any use, but click here is all I could find.

  emperor 16:11 16 May 03

Belatucadrus, thanks for trying. I had seen that, but it doesn't help me, unfortunately.
That was the error message I got which prompted me to look for the driver on my system.

I thought I had installed Envoy; the installation did not make it clear that it was only the viewer being installed, and I had to delve into the release notes to find out that the driver did not ship with my version of the suite.

  rabadubdub 16:25 16 May 03

obvious, but click here is one starting point. I get the feeling you've tried that already though?


  emperor 16:41 17 May 03

I hadn't looked there before your post, but I have looked now. The driver is not there, though I might request it through that site.
Thanks for the link.

  emperor 08:06 24 Dec 04

This was never resolved, but is unlikely to be now. In the spirit of green ticking I hereby close it.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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