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Assistance required please! Our PC is running Windows XP Home and Office XP (2002). Whilst my e-mail account runs ok whenever my wife trys to open Outlook she gets an "Enter Network Password" screen. No matter what she tries it keeps coming back every 10-15 seconds. There is a lot of info. out there on similar problems (same message at start up, differant ooperatig system) but i have not found anything on these spefic circumstance. Can anyone help?

  stalion 20:48 05 Jul 05
  splinternet 21:50 29 May 06

I've just started getting the same problem. I'm on Outlook 2002 SP3 which is a later level than referred to in the link from stalion. I keep my XP system up to date. Help! (I'm using Outlook to front-end my Yahoo email account, which has been working fine for months until now).

  VoG II 21:56 29 May 06

Which ISP?

  splinternet 23:07 29 May 06

BT Broadband

  strech 09:45 30 May 06

click here

try this and look under secrets on lefthand side

  splinternet 09:18 03 Jun 06

Thanks for all the replies. I found out what was causing this. Yahoo email will only allow POP access from an email client such as Outlook if you sign up for spam (they call it 'Yahoo! Delivers'). Somehow, my settings had been corrupted and reset to 'no thankyou', which immediately throws up this Network Password inhibition. It seems a bit ridiculous that Yahoo goes to great lengths to help you trap and manage unwanted spam, but at the same time insists you sign up for its own spam if you want to use Outlook!

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