Enhanced Explorer?

  jonmac 08:04 05 Sep 04

When using Explorer I find it a bit of an inconvenience to have to continually right-click a folder or file then choose properties to see its size. It would be handy to have the size appear when hovering over the folder/file, say, or have the size pernanently displayed.
Can anyone recommend a way of achieving this or an alternative Explorer?
I'm using XP Pro.

  johnsims 08:24 05 Sep 04

Open Explorer.
Click on View menu. Select details. This will, among other things, give file sizes within the selected folder.

Click on the Tools menu next, then click Folder Options. Click on the View tab. Click on the "Apply to all Folders" button. Thats it all your Explorer folders will ipen with the dtails view.

I also use Powerdesk Pro by Ontrack. There is a free version, but I have paid. It is an enhanced Explorer with lots of extras including the ability to have a two pane view, i.e. two explorer windows open. Google powerdesk and you'll find lots of places to download it.

  johnsims 08:30 05 Sep 04

I think maybe Ontrack have sold it (Power Desk)or something. click here for a bit of a description and a download option.

I've been using 2xExplorer for many years now, it too has a two pane view and many other handy built-in features including a thumbnail image viewer.

It's free and you can get it click here

  jonmac 10:44 05 Sep 04

Thanks all for the advice.
I realise, on reflection, that I shouldn't have included files, just folders in my original question. It would be so handy when choosing which folders to copy to a CD or DVD for back-up purposes, for instance, to have the folder size readily available either already on display or available when hovering over it.
I normally work in "Details" view for files. Having the information for folders, too, would be a bonus.
I think I tried 2xExplorer a long time back but don't recall it provided what I now want.
Any other solutions anyone?

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