Energy costs

  laurie53 08:50 12 Oct 08

Ok, so I know all the arguments about carbon footprints and green living and hard drive wear and tear, but what's the bottom line?

If I leave my desktop on all the time and just turn the monitor off at night, how much is my quarterly bill likely to up by?

  laurie53 10:26 12 Oct 08

Not too may peripherals really.

Broadband is on (for the phone), printer is off.

Can't think of anything else..

  Belatucadrus 10:33 12 Oct 08

This 2005 PCpro article is still worth a read click here
I don't know how their figures stand up now, the kit is generally more energy efficient, but the electricity bill's gone through the roof.

  citadel 10:34 12 Oct 08

a psu with the 80% plus logo will help cut bills, there are some now that are above 85% efficient.

  mooly 12:46 13 Oct 08

8760 Hours in a year. Call it 10,000 for easy reckoning. Energy 10p per Kwh. I know it's gone up more than that, but it illustrates the point.
That means 1 watt of energy for 1 year costs 1 pound.
So add up all the power consumption figures in watts. Things like TV's and DVD's manuals often give the power consumption in standby.
That total figure is ( was at around 10p/Kwh ) the amount in pounds per year, very approximately.

  Rahere 14:45 13 Oct 08

Laurie53 don't take it personally but why does anyone leave their PC on all the time? When asleep or out they can't read mail chat etc.

Turn it off completely including the transformers for your amps, speakers, scanner, printers, screen, backup drives etc. This will reduce your costs and reduce the need for more power stations that feed all these items on standby.

Note to that leaving your network on 24 hours a day is asking for trouble as your IP address will be static and hackers have all day to break down your defenses.

  laurie53 19:31 13 Oct 08

Thanks for the responses

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