End of old Laptop ? Grey Screen and fuzzy text

  Ankermi 20 Oct 11

I had a old laptop which had been was overhauled and cleaned and I passed it on to someone so they can hopefully learn IT.

Unfortunately a problem seems to have developed whereby logging on there is a grey screen and the text is fuzzy, described as "like when you put the tv on and its off station".

By booting down and then putting back on, if lucky, it is ok.

Any ideas or is it the end of the laptop.

Operating system is XP and think its Windows Explorer 8 but not too certain.

  wee eddie 20 Oct 11

Sounds as if someone has changed the Display settings, hope it's as simple as that.

Try this ~ Start > Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Select Blue > Settings Check the Screen Resolution and Settings.

For IE8 and XP. Check that it has SP2 installed, preferably SP3.

  Ankermi 20 Oct 11

Many thanks for that should have thought it through :(-

Will go along and have a look see.

Will revert back in due course

Thank you

  Ankermi 24 Oct 11

Hi wee eddie

hope you are there. Not the problem display set at blue. SP3 is installed.

Any other thoughts I think maybe the laptop might need to retire.

  wee eddie 24 Oct 11

Is the screen set to the correct size?

  wee eddie 24 Oct 11

Possibly worth opening in Safe Mode.

To do this: From the moment the Lappy is turned on > Tap the F8 Key continuously > It should open to a Black Screen with White text, this can take some time > You can only Navigate using the Up & Down Buttons > Select Open at the "Last Good Setting" or similar > the screen should be Blue but slightly blocky > Go to Control Panel > Display > Settings > Screen Resolution and see what that says.

  Ankermi 07 Nov 11

All resolved, changed screen resolution its not brilliant but better!

Thanks for help as usual

  wee eddie 07 Nov 11

What does it say your current Screen resolution and Colour quality are?


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