Encryption disabled

  Lavenham 23:37 05 Nov 07

Hope someone can help with this frustrating problem. I have a Belkin router for my Virgin broadband via my BT line. Laptops only used, all XP. (3) Two laptops connect fine, with occasional lapses. However one laptop continually comes up with Encryption disabled under Wireless Network Connection and refuses to connect to the internet even though I am told I am connected and the signal is strong. I have tried re-entering the passwords but this does not help. Sometimes when I disable Windows firewall in the security centre it connects but obviously this is not a good idea. Is there anything I can do about this?

  mgmcc 11:34 06 Nov 07

Try deleting the existing wireless "profile", which it uses to connect automatically to the network, and set up the connection again, i.e. run the wireless adapter's software, scan for "Available Wireless Networks", find and highlight the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and select the option to "Connect" to it. You should be prompted to enter any WEP or WPA encryption key and, once "Connected", the wireless adapter should get its IP address by DHCP from the router and you should have network and internet access.

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