Encarta 2004 updates

  3rdday 13:40 19 Mar 04

Has anyone else had trouble getting the February 2004 update for Encarta 2004 to download?

I've recently installed Encarta Premium Suite 2004. I then got it to update itself and all the updates downloaded okay until the last one, which stuck near the end of the download. I have tried rerunning it lots of times since, but it always stops before getting to the end, with the amount remaining varying between 12Kb and 20Kb each time. I've tried uninstalling Encarta and installing it again, but this hasn't helped.

Has anyone had a similar problem?

  3rdday 23:07 30 Mar 04

Anyone had this problem, or does anyone know a way to manually download the updates?

  3rdday 11:29 22 Apr 04


  3rdday 22:30 29 Apr 04


  gold 47 22:56 29 Apr 04

I have only had this problem once but in my case it was caused by my firewall,if your on broadband turn your firewall off while you download the updates.

  3rdday 23:13 29 Apr 04

Yes! That did it. I thought I had already tried that ages ago. Evidently not. Thank you!

Thats odd, I also have Encarta and have just updated it with Zone Alarm installed,no problem at all.

  3rdday 23:42 29 Apr 04

My Firewall is Norton, so perhaps it's something peculiar to that.

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